Electric heating system

BRANN heating foils are a comprehensive electric surface heating system, providing an excellent, lower-cost alternative to traditional water-based systems.

Folie grzewcze - nowoczesne ogrzewanie elektryczne


BRANN brand heating films are a comprehensive system for electric surface heating, providing an excellent, cheaper alternative to traditional water systems. Heat is emitted through a specially designed surface where electrical energy is converted into heat.
The BRANN Heating Film system is used in flats, homes, the commercial sector, medical and educational establishments and also in agriculture. The way in which the film can be used is very wide and depends only on the availability of electricity.
Thanks to current possibilities of obtaining energy from photovoltaics, we are in no way restricted by the location of the heating film installation. In addition, we gain the feeling of using a completely clean, emission-free technology.

Folia grzewcza - folie Brann


The BH-T series models belong to an unbeatably priced range of heating films based on transparent PET film. The BH-T models are available in two width options: 50 and 100 cm, and two power options of 110 or 220 W/m².

The BH series models are based on a frosted PET film and are characterized by their high durability. For the BH series, there are three width options to choose from: 30, 50 and 100 cm and two power options: 110 and 220 W/m².

Both types of heating film provide excellent electrical insulation and protection against overheating.


The BH-PRO film has been designed for use in the most severe conditions.

The special design and precision of our product enables the film to be safely heated to over 50°C.

For the BH-PRO model, a tiled floor or wall, kitchen, bathroom or corridor are no limitation. The BH-PRO foil has been developed to heat any place where moisture is present. You can rely on this solution.

BH-PRO is a reinforced composite film consisting of more layers and is stiffer than traditional ladder films. The outer layer of the BH-PRO composite heating film is made of a tough PET film


The heating mat system will ensure rapid heating of floors covered with gres tiles, ceramic tiles, terracotta or marble.

. The system consists of a mat roll equipped with an orange heating cable. The spacing of the heating cables is approximately 100 mm / 80 mm. The black cable is the cable that does not heat up and connects the system to the thermostat.

Heating mats have an output of 150 W/m² and come in prefabricated lengths of 1 to 15 m.


BRANN offers comfortable, intelligent and energy-efficient thermostats for electric heating systems. Electric surface heating converts electrical energy into thermal energy. BRANN thermostats implement intelligent temperature control so that heating costs are always under control. They have extensive programming functions, allowing you to adjust the room temperature according to your requirements at any time of the day.



A wide range of thermostats is available, including models with WiFi communication. WIFI-enabled thermostats can be controlled via an app on your phone from anywhere. All you need is to be within range of the network!